Autour of each show, nous proposerons également des ateliers pédagogiques animés par le metteur en scène et des membres de la compagnie. We will take action within the institutions, schools, by offering workshops, but also, engaging in dialogue with the audience by organizing meetings after representations.

Depuis plus huit ans, la compagnie Héliosséléné propose des ateliers de théâtre aux institutions comme les EMP et EMPro. She works with young people suffering from mental disorders in which the relationship. By its action, she tries to take each young person to overcome his handicap to put in the service of theatricality.


A After his speech, it offers a show close as possible to a professional. So, organizes meetings with the various trades of the scene ( designer, réalisateur ect …)

The company also offers courses for amateur and professional theater.

Estimate on request




2011 Maeterlinck's The Blue Bird


Nur meeting with the youth of the Empro Fontenay-sous-Bois, immediately aroused in us the desire to work around L'Oiseau Bleu.

En effet, by his writing that approaches the philosophical tale, Maeterlinck asks us to reconnect with our childhood and find the questions and indifference that make a great adult child. Ask youth to find their naivety seemed an interesting way to approach the scene.

Of these workshops was born a show that we presented to the room of Jacques Brel Fontenay-sous-Bois and 22 and 23 June 2011. With the participation of a professional actress and Lyric Soprano, the desire to mix between professional artists with disabilities has become more and more concrete.

So we formed a team comprising professional designer, wardrobe, director, composer to work on this project. A real exchange with young people has created. Faced with job requirements, they demonstrated a significant investment. For young people with memory problems, behavior, school with a very late so were able to memorize texts and to hold a show for 1 hour and ten minutes working with complicity and solidarity.

So, The Blue Bird made perfect sense ...





June 2012 Wendy and Neverland


Chis year, The troupe Empro examines the myth of “Peter Pan”. After meeting with the new cast, I had the desire to write and adapt a play around and imagination of childhood.

Peter Pan I immediately came to mind. By observing young, I wanted to write a version of incisor, funny and tender at once. A version that would enable youth to express themselves through the body, music and words. For this, I felt very important not to lose sight of this modern myth and use the freshness of youth, their language, their tastes in order to provide a modern and sleek Peter Pan.

As an adult, Wendy, ill, no longer believes in Peter Pan. Cette image lui semble n’être qu’un lointain souvenir probablement fantasmé… Before going to sleep forever, she tries to remember these fantastic rides to “Neverland”. The memory of her childhood gradually invaded and he revived new adventures…

Always a principle of diversity among young people, Educators, manager and artists, we will try to reverse the social and educational codes to gather a team of young artists around the project.

La Nouvelle Troupe de L’EMPro se produira à la salle Jacques Brel de Fontenay-sous-Bois dans le cadre des “Handicap Established” the 27 June at 15h and 28 June at 20h

Supported by the city, we will be pleased to share these moments of drama and public life with a come from various backgrounds…



Wendy adulte

Peter Pan Compagnie Héliosséléné mise en scène Guillaume caubel
Peter pan compagnie Héliosséléné

Compagnie héliosséléné Festival théâtre handicap Fontenay sous Bois.

staging William Caubel

Peter Pan compagnie héliosséléné

compagnie Héliosséléné. Théâtre handicap

guillaume Caubel Company Héliosséléné



June 2013 Around Spring Awakening


D ans L’Éveil du printemps, Wedekind reported this special period when the child turns into an adult. He is talking about changing. Changing bodies but also souls, the unconscious is just beginning to reveal its secrets and consciousness must accommodate the harsh reality of the mysteries of procreation.

Spring Awakening is my piece of youth. I discovered 17 years and since it has never left me. Through enlightenment, is to accept to lose, to take risks and to question. In addressing the room with the youth of Empro, it had to adapt, sometimes rewrite, faire des choix mais surtout être à l’écoute des jeunes et de leurs questionnements. Know how to respond with sincerity, authenticity but also carefully.

This work is a first step in thinking about adolescence, desire, but also education and academic success. It is not an end in itself nor a successful show. Simply return a trip traveled over the months with pleasure always unconditional.

The new company will produce the 27 June at 14:30 and 28 June 19h at room J.Brel Fontenay-sous-Bois.



company Héliosséléné staging William Caubel

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