The Company is supported by Héliosséléné:

Le Conseil départemental du Val de Marne


Mise en place d’un Forum inter-collège pour la campagne de sensibilisation à la Crue dans le Val de Marne. Ateliers Pédagogique et mise en place d’un spectacleAu fil de l’Eaucommandé par le Conseil départemental service des eaux.

The Factory Movement in Aubervilliers.

The Company entered into Héliosséléné residence since 15 janvier 2012 à la Fabrique du Mouvement.


Futur Composé

Le Festival du Futur Composé.

In 2016 : Le bal des Chimères dans les salons de l’Hotel de ville de Paris. Commande du Festival à la Compagnie.

In 2018: L’Imaginarium ou l’Attrape-Rêves à l’Académie Fratellini. Commande su Festival à La Compagnie.

Madame Biribin, Assistant to the Culture of Fontenay-sous-Bois

In February 2013, Madame Biribin, organize an evening for Carte Blanche Company Héliosséléné. L’Before First of The Blue Bird Professional version will be created in the room the Jacques Brel of Fontenay-sous-Bois.


centre ressources théâtre handicap
Pascal Parsat, Director of CRTH Centre Theatre and Disability Resources.

CRTH is the managing partner Héliosséléné and supports the show “The Blue Bird”.

“Why CRTH, wants to support you ? Because your reputation, accomplishments we have met in many circumstances and that you support is the next logical step as our work on common values.

In what he says you CRTH ? By mail, but also by his tools, his production experience, Creation, diffusion, and by its willingness to support any development which would aim to question the desirability of integrating the public as to the specific needs of any disabled call, Zen all fields, including culture, and by creating.

Dear Sir William Caubel, Allow me on behalf of CRTH wish you full success in your project”

Pascal Parsat

The European Theatre Festival Handicap Orpheus L'Oiseau Bleu program at Montansier Theatre Versailles 2 representations.

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