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  1. Marie says:

    Superb site

  2. Marc says:

    The spectacle of the bluebird is the same for Adults and Children?
    I find this show in any case very rich visually .
    Bravo for the staging..

    See you soon

  3. William says:

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your interest in our company. To answer your question, the spectacle of The Blue Bird was created in June 2011 with young people of Empro Fontenay-sous-Bois during a theater workshop with young people suffering from mental. The goal was to get as close as possible to a professional to immerse young people in a dynamic and creative work.
    Following this adventure, I felt the desire to continue my work around L'Oiseau Bleu, recreating the show with professionals but as a principle of mixed. Both characters are so Mytyl Tyltyl and played by two young people suffering from a disability.
    The new production of The Blue Bird will be very different from the first even if you find the universe and of course the story. For the time being, we are looking for financing and a theater partner, So he must be patient before finding the adventures of Tyltyl and MYTYL on stage.
    Pending, if you want to know more about the project, I invite you to visit the SHOWS page and click on The Blue Bird.
    To monitor the work of the company with the EMPRO, go to page PEDAGOGY.

    Thank you and happy new year 2012

    Director of the company

  4. Madame Ben Ali Warde says:

    A beau spectacle, full of emotion, sincerity and generosity. Thank you to all the young, adults and especially to those who helped this show exudes a beautiful energy, William thank you for the trust you have given to young people who need people like you!

  5. xxx says:

    Finish the surprise, room for surprise!
    A troop in action, a troupe act bound by halting words but loaded with troubled eyes but not fleeing, by gestures slowed but not off. Diverse company, colorful presences, stories multiple geography exploring the shores uncharted territories of life. Individualities revealed, personalities confirmed, Adolescent Research… The great emotion! A theatrical moment where you spring up. Congratulations artists.

    Wendy and Neverland June 2012

  6. François says:

    What a beautiful tribute to the confidence in the difference and diversity. All young people are much more than a role in this play, they express a slice of life, a part of their lives and give a lot of themselves. If this investment is possible, no doubt that this is due to the complicity What able to inspire adults by their understanding and management. A nous, audience to respect and admire such a beautiful work that gives meaning to the lives of all and gives the path of mutual enrichment.

    Wendy and Neverland

  7. Erika Factory Movement says:

    The youth of the Fabric of the Movement kiffé this show. Congratulations to all, it was great. Young people are just saying that if you repeat a show like this, they will be willing to pay 10 Euro place… 9has mean they like and that your theater is accessible to all and affects those who never go to the theater…

  8. Jeremie says:

    La bande annonce est superbe…
    Bon courage pour la suite…

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