Find Caubel Guillaume and Marion in Rostam and Sohrab Denys

Rostam and Sohrab directed by Farid Paya.

” Long been, the kingdoms of Iran and Turan are in competition. Rostam, defender of Iran, has no equal hasu fight. Its connection to a night with a woman comes into the world of Touran Sohrab, he can not see them grow. Or, at the age of 5 years, it is already strong as a warrior adult. Learning the secret of its origins, Sohrab begins to make war on Iran, dreams of finding his father and make him king. But the son and the father will recognize that on the battlefield…”

AU THEATRE 13 Côté Seine
30 Street Chevaleret
75013 PARIS
Du 8 May 6 June 2012
mardi/jeudi/samedi: 19h30
mercredi/vendredi: 20h30
Dimanche: 15h00

Métro ligne 14 François Mitterrand Library.
Réservation 01 45 86 55 83
Attention, the company does not have the reservation Theatre 13…

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