The Awakening of Spring

company Héliosséléné staging William Caubel

The new show of Empro: Around Spring Awakening

In The Awakening of Spring, Wedekind reported this special period when the child turns into an adult. He is talking about changing. Changing bodies but also souls, the unconscious is just beginning to reveal its secrets and consciousness must accommodate the harsh reality of the mysteries of procreation.

Spring Awakening is my piece of youth. I discovered 17 years and since it has never left me. Through enlightenment, is to accept to lose, to take risks and to question. In addressing the room with the youth of Empro, it had to adapt, sometimes rewrite, faire des choix mais surtout être à l’écoute des jeunes et de leurs questionnements. Know how to respond with sincerity, authenticity but also carefully.

This work is a first step in thinking about adolescence, desire, but also education and academic success. It is not an end in itself nor a successful show. Simply return a trip traveled over the months with pleasure always unconditional.

The new company will produce the 27 June at 14:30 and 28 June 19h at room J.Brel Fontenay-sous-Bois.

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