Crowdfunding pour L’Oiseau Bleu sur KisskissBankBank

The 12 February 2013 at 14:30, Jacques Brel to the room of Fontenay-sous-Bois, the companies Héliosséléné present within the Handicap Established , General its first creation The Blue Bird after Maurice Maeterlinck directed by Guillaume Caubel.

In principle diversity and multidisciplinarity, this show plunges two young artists suffering from mental handicap in the process of creating. A human adventure and civic full of emotions and creativity. The Blue Bird continue its flight through disability awareness mission and hopefully in other festivals and theaters around the world… So that The Blue Bird can fly, nous avons besoin de vous !

At a time when social networks and the web have become a tool of communication and production indispensable for the survival of creation, I invite you to be part of this adventure in helping me produce the show. And yes, the crowdfunding is a great way to find funding. Many projects are being developed with the participation of Internet users, friends and relatives ...

Then, devenez un membre actif du projet L’Oiseau Bleu en visitant la page :

You may just be curious and if you are attracted, help us ... It's simple, c’est rapide et… même un petit geste sera énorme pour nous ! Additional, from 200 euros donation, you can défiscaliser. If we reach our goal (3500 EUR 75 days) Your donation will be charged. If we fail, vous serez remboursé ! Of course the site is secure and safe !

You have until 9 February! The countdown has started. On your marks, loan, fire… Kiss Kiss Banquez!


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