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L'Oiseau Bleu at Montansier Theatre Versailles in the European Festival Orpheus.

The 24 September 2013 à 14h et 20h30


13 Street Tanks
78000 Versailles

01 39 29 16 00

Venez nombreux découvrir ou redécouvrir cette version contemporaine et pluridisciplinaire de l’oeuvre de Maeterlinck.

The Blue Bird is a magic, a small world, magic and fantasy. If the story takes the form of a child's dream by reaching out to children, the only ones to recognize that happiness is in the house, il parle aux adultes et leur montre que le monde du visible est trompeur


A brother and sister , Tyltyl et Mytyl, poor children Lumberjack, looking out the window of the rich kids Christmas fairy Bérylune when asked to pick the Bluebird to heal her daughter who is sick.

Assisted by a magic diamond, they discover the wonderful lands : Country of Remembrance, the thick forest where they discover the soul trees, Garden of Joys, the Kingdom of the Blue Children where children live to be born…

Bringing together different artists, (musicians, singers, dancers, acrobats, Circassians, actors), this show has scenes of fantasy and light decorations, full of color and poetry. Here, animals are provided with a core, as plants and objects…

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